No Murder Discharge for Widow

THE widow of a Namibian Police employee who was murdered at Keetmanshoop six years ago will have to return to the dock in the Windhoek High Court when her and her ex-boyfriend’s murder trial continues in February next year.

The evidence that the prosecution has placed before the court before closing its case against Jeanetta Katrina (‘Netta’) Julius and her former boyfriend, Kevin Adams, is not so weak that no reasonable court could convict them on the charges they are facing, Judge Naomi Shivute said when she delivered a ruling on an application by Julius to be found not guilty after the end of the State’s case in her trial.

Judge Shivute dismissed Julius’ application and put her on her defence on charges of murder and defeating and obstructing the course of justice or attempting to defeat or obstruct the course of justice on Thursday last week.

Julius (44) and Adams (37) pleaded not guilty to both charges at the start of their trial two months ago.

The prosecution is alleging that they murdered Julius’ husband, Henry Thomas (‘Clive’) Julius (40), at Keetmanshoop during the early morning hours of 5 March 2008, after the three of them had spent the evening in each other’s company at a bar.

Adams and Julius are also accused of having tried to obstruct the police investigations of the killing of Clive Julius by hiding Adams in their residence and hiding a bloodstained tracksuit in the house.

The late Julius, who was employed at the Namibian Police’s garage at Keetmanshoop at the time of his death, was found dead near a railway bridge at the town in the early hours of 5 March 2008. He died as a result of multiple stab injuries and a deep cut to his neck, the court has heard.

Judge Shivute noted in her ruling that Mrs Julius is admitting that she was in the company of Adams and her late husband on the evening of 4 March 2008. She is also admitting that her and her husband’s marriage was troubled, that they were separated at the time of his death, and that he had previously obtained a domestic violence protection order against her.

The judge further noted that the version of Mrs Julius that was put to prosecution witnesses during the trial is that after she had spent the evening at a bar with Adams and her husband, she left the bar and returned home alone. That version can only be tested when she testifies and is cross-examined, Judge Shivute said.

A brother of the late Clive Julius has testified that he saw his late brother leaving the bar with Adams and Mrs Julius in the early morning hours of 5 March 2008, Judge Shivute also recounted.

Later that day, after Julius had been found murdered, the police found Adams hiding under a bed at the house he shared with Mrs Julius, Judge Shivute recounted more of the evidence before the court. Adams was wearing shorts that were stained with blood of the late Julius, the court has heard.

The two accused are free on bail.

Their trial is due to continue from 4 February 2015.

Source : The Namibian