No Okomando in Opuwo to mourn Chief Riruako

OPUWO: The absence of an official place to mourn the death of Paramount Chief Kuaima Riruako has forced OvaHerero and OvaMbanderu communities in the Kunene Region to gather under a tree to do so.

The ‘Okomando’, or place of gathering as it is also known, is used during the mourning and commemoration of the communities’ heroes, heroines and senior leaders.

The Okomando is used by the Otjijapa or Otjizemba affiliates, whose official symbol is a white flag; the Otjiserandu affiliates, whose official symbol is a red flag, as well as the Otjingirine affiliates, who operate under a green flag.

These three flags are supposed to be hoisted at the Okomando.

Riruako died in the Roman Catholic Hospital on 02 June this year, and the mourning period started soon thereafter.

It will end four days before the chief’s burial on 29 June to allow community members to travel to Okahandja, where the chief will be accorded a State funeral.

Members of the three flags are currently meeting under a tree behind the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO)’s political party office in Opuwo to mourn the death of Riruako, who was also NUDO president.