No Right to End Another’s Life – Youth

MEMBERS of the Namibia Organisation of Youth with Disabilities (NOYD) and the National Young Women Association (NYWA), held a peaceful demonstration at the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court where they presented a petition to the control prosecutor, Anna Adriaanse.

In the petition, they called on the Ministry of Safety and Security to thoroughly investigate the cause of the murder of Magdalena Nuunyango Amunyoko (26), who was allegedly killed by her mother in Ongwediva last Friday.

They also called on the Ministry of Justice to mete out appropriate punishment to the suspect for the crime and on the Cabinet to amend the Constitution, so that murderers get harsher sentences.

“How many young women and vulnerable Namibians should we lose because of these killings. Our government must act now. Stop killings against us. We need peace. We need freedom. We need life,” they said, adding that they were demonstrating to show disgust over the brutal killing of a sister, friend, colleague and family member. They also said as Namibian youth, they were very disappointed and shocked by what happened to Amunyoko and are appealing for justice to prevail regardless of the perpetrator’s sexuality or physical status.

Amunyoko was allegedly killed by her mother at their house at Ongwediva on Friday evening with a panga and then her body was burnt on a braai stand.

Adriaanse told the demonstrators that their concern has been heard and that she will forward the petition to the Prosecutor General for attention.

Source : The Namibian