No Shebeens in New Residential Areas

THE Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development, Charles Namoloh, has warned beneficiaries of the government mass housing project that no shebeens will be allowed in the new residential areas.

Speaking during the Oshakati Totem Expo 2014 gala dinner on Saturday, Namoloh said people need to move away from a culture of spending more money on alcohol than they do on other, more important things.

“I know that you are going to hate me for this but I want to tell all the house owners of the new residential areas that there will be no shebeens allowed in those areas because we do not want alcohol to be served there,” said Namoloh. Namoloh also said he will have to enforce this rule even if people threaten to boycott the upcoming elections.

In addition, Namoloh said people should embrace and restore the African culture. “Culture is not tribalism, culture brings people together because if you do not know where you are coming from, you will not know where you are going. So, let us globalise our cultures,” Namoloh said.

The Oshakati Totem Expo is a commercial exposition with a cultural component, which is based on Namibia’s traditions and cultures.

The event, which also carries a carnival element, is different from trade fairs and other expos that take place in the country. It utilises culture to generate revenue and promote Oshakati town. It is intended to attract visitorstourists to the northern part of Namibia where tourism has not been fully developed in comparison to other parts of the country.

The business community and individuals pledged more than a million dollars towards the upcoming expo set for the first week of July.

Chicco Building Supplies and Kambwa Trading are the main sponsors of the expo after they each pledged more than N$250 000, while Benz Building Supplies put in N$125 000. Fysal Fresh Produce pledged N$100 000.

Namoloh called on the private sector to support the Oshakati Totem Expo.

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Thank you minister Namoloh!! You are on the right road – keep it up and don’t let drunkards or merciless business people (who only think of their income on not of the effects of what they sell on others) deter you. – Pieter | 2014-06-02 10:25:00 || Comment id: 39077

I don’t understand why the minister can decide whether or not there should be shebeens in the new residential area. I have the freedom to do with my property as i please , as long as I go through the correct municipal procedures. – @Ina_yavo | 2014-06-02 09:33:00 || Comment id: 39064

Sorry,what doesTotem mean or stand for? – Clexane 40mg | 2014-06-02 07:23:00 || Comment id: 39037

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Source : The Namibian