Non-Performing Education Inspectors Face Demotion

MINISTER of Education David Namwandi has cautioned that under-performing education inspectors will face demotion if they do not pull up their socks this year.

Addressing inspectors and chief education officers from all 14 regions at Rundu last Friday, the minister warned that his ministry will this year hold inspectors accountable if they fail their circuits.

Namwandi told the education inspectors that the ministry cannot keep under-performing inspectors, who do not support teachers in their respective circuits, stressing that some teachers are working in isolation and without the support of their inspectors.

“This year, everyone must work tirelessly to improve results because excellent performances earn credibility,” he stated.

Namwandi furthermore noted that he is disturbed by reports that some inspectors do not have regular sessions and meetings with their regional education directors, and issued a directive that they should hold meetings with the directors at least once a month.

He also directed the inspectors to carry out substantive school visits and give reports to their directors on happenings on the ground, adding that they should also be vigorously monitoring schools’ curricula.

Education inspectors should spend 80% of their working hours in the field as they are not office-bound employees, but “field workers”.

“Inspection should take place in schools, not over the phone. The inspectors are the ultimate assurers of quality in schools,” he stressed.

While taking cognisance of those who perform their duties diligently, the Education Minister said he is disturbed by those who go to schools late and unprepared, while others apparently abscond without permission.

What is more painful, he continued, is that some inspectors do not reprimand principals performing below standards.

Namwandi thus wants inspectors and chief education officers to do all they can to assist especially schools whose performances have worsened, and bring them up to standard with schools who perform well.

Source : The Namibian