North Prepares for Exodus of Governors

Three northern regions – Ohangwena, Omusati and Oshikoto – are preparing lives without their incumbent governors who are all expected to join the National Assembly in March.

Oshikoto’s Penda ya Ndakolo, Usko Nghaamwa of Ohangwena and Omusati Governor Sophia Shaningwa are among five incumbent governors who have made it to parliament following the recent general elections.

Karas Regional Governor, Bernadus Swartbooi, and his Khomas counterpart, Laura McLeod-Katjirua, are also expected to go to parliament.

Speculation is rife in the north about who might replace the three governors, but no official word has been made public yet.

Shaningwa vowed to continue working hard in her next job as a parliamentarian.

“You must understand that I am a soldier and we don’t get carried by moods and excitement. We have seen a lot and went through hell sometimes I don’t get moved for I know when to apply breaks,” she said.

“Sure I look forward and by the grace of God who sees from above and in whose powers I believe I am ready to offer my brain for my country,” said Shaningwa.

Speaking about her achievements as governor, Shaningwa said: “I must also indicate that there were some colleagues who felt that I was too much on the push in calling for implementing of what was due for Omusati Region.

“However, it should as of now be understood that power was given to me and I used it as per the expectation of the Head of State that I represented and the residents of Omusati.”

Some of the successes during her tenure include an Excellence Secondary School at Onawa near Outapi, several primary schools, and clinics.

Other infrastructure in the region include the upgrading of roads, revamping of the magistrate’ court at Outapi and the construction of the NATiS office and other infrastructure in the region.

The challenges facing the region, she said, include the lack of classrooms, mobile police stations and medical doctors.

YaNdakolo said the people of Oshikoto should not expect any special favours from him as he will be serving all Namibians as a parliamentarian.

“The Oshikoto people should not expect me to work in favour of Oshikoto alone I cannot single out a particular region. I am going to serve all 14 regions equally without any discrimination of race or whatsoever because we are all Namibians,” said yaNdakolo.

He served as Oshikoto regional governor for 15 years.

“Fifteen years is a long time and there were challenges. However challenges are part of life and are there to be challenged and overcome, because there are no permanent challenges. We have tried our best to address some of our biggest challenges although not all, hence 80 percent of our people have access to clean and portable water,” said yaNdakolo.

YaNdakola said that he shall forever feel indebted to the dedicated stakeholders in all the government sectors for the enormous contribution to the development of Oshikoto during his tenure.

Source : New Era