Northern Namibia 3×3 Basketball League

A 3×3 Northern Basketball tournament will be held at Mweshipandeka Secondary School in Oshakati on Saturday, 7 June.

The tournament will form part of the Northern Namibia 3×3 Basketball League which was created to develop basketball on a competitive level in the north. The league’s vision is “To enhance the community by providing an environment to develop strength, character, sportsmanship, and leadership in the north” and aims to promote and showcase 3×3 basketball beginning in the Oshana Region.

The appeal of 3×3 basketball is in its simplicity of both rules and required facilities, not to mention ease of organization, play time and player transportation. It requires only four players per team (three players and one substitute), is played on a half-court using one basket meaning two games can be held simultaneously on one full-court, and can be officiated by one official.

Games are short (usually 10 minutes running time) and therefore fast-paced resulting in high-speed tournaments as well as dynamic spectator viewing.

The Northern Namibia 3×3 League aims to provide an atmosphere of excellence with coaching, high-level competition for athletes to improve their skills, and ultimately a competitive semi-professional league in Northern communities. Registration for the League’s inaugural tournament is now open and teams are invited to register before Thursday, 5 June.

Registration costs N$120 per team. Teams must consist of four players, while players have to be older than 16 (younger players require parental consent). Registration forms and additional information are available from the League Development Officer, Pondo 0816257810.

Source : The Namibian