Notorious ‘Corolla Gang’ Robs Tourist

A TOURIST from the Netherlands has become the latest victim of robbers, who trail drivers or target people on foot, whom they suspect would be carrying valuables.

Franklin Hoppener was robbed earlier this week of goods and appliances worth N$20 000 in Klein Windhoek at the gate of the campsite where he is staying.

Narrating the ordeal this week, Hoppener said he was attacked while he was on the phone.

“Two guys jumped out of a dark blue Toyota Corolla and attacked me from the back. One of them had a knife. I fought them but when I lost control and fell down, they grabbed my bag and drove off. One of them dropped his cap. I am just hoping the police can get DNA from it to track them down,” Hoppener said.

He added that the robbers were driving a blue 1993 Toyota Corolla with dark windows and had no number plates.

Hoppener has since opened a case – number CR 663042014 – with the police.

City Police Chief Abraham Kanime said they are aware of the robbers and are on the lookout.

“I have circulated this information among the City Police officers. We are requesting the public to be on the lookout and call the police whenever they see this car. In fact, if they see a car without number plates and that looks suspicious, they should notify the police,” Kanime said on Wednesday.

Detective Melvin Gaseb, who is working on the case, said they have realised that there are different cars involved in this type of robbery.

“Mostly, the Toyota Corollas are from Botswana. They (robbers) will remove the number plates and because there are so many of the Corollas, it’s a bit of a setback.

“But we have made plans to catch the culprits. We also call on the public to assist on this matter,” Gaseb said.

Their modus operandi, the police warned, is to wait for a car to stop in front of a gate, then they block it from behind before two guys jump out, slash both rear tyres and rob or attack the people in the car.

Source : The Namibian