NPC allocates funds for regional development profiles

WINDHOEK: The National Planning Commission (NPC) is assisting all 14 regions in the country in developing regional development profiles.

Minister of Presidential Affairs Albert Kawana said this while introducing the NPC’s N.dollars 233,7 million budget allocation for the 2014/15 financial year in the National Assembly (NA) on Thursday.

Kawana said one of the programmes to benefit from this allocation is the regional and sectoral planning and policy coordination programme with an amount of N.dollars 16,5 million.

He said activities under this programme include the completion of the regional development profiles.

Kawana explained that the regional development profiles will amongst others include the features and characteristics of the region and contain information such as population, poverty level, economic activities, potential areas of investment, and social and economic infrastructure.

The purpose of the profiles is to have a clear picture of each region and to be able to guide regional planning and equitable national distribution of public resources.

Kawana indicated that the NPC managed to mobilise resources in the form of grants and loans, as well as technical assistance from Development Partners (DPs) to the amount of N.dollars 2,5 billion.

“This amount constituted grant funding of N.dollars 2,13 billion and concessional loan financial of N.dollars 386 million,” he said.

The Presidential Affairs Minister stressed that the Namibia Statistics Agency, which is entering its third year of operations, has been producing reliable statistics that is useful for the country.

“I have no doubt that some of the information produced by the agency will assist policy makers both in the public and private sector to make informed decisions,” he said.

Kawana explained that the second programme to benefit from the budget allocation is the macroeconomic planning programme, with an allocation of N.dollars 15,6 million.

This amount will go towards the producing of economic development reports; four research papers; and 11 policy briefs as part of the fourth National Development Plan (NDP4).

A mid-term review of both Vision 2030 and NDP4; and convening of a national consultative conference to discuss current developmental issues are also some of the activities to be carried out under this programme.

The third programme involves monitoring, evaluation and development partners coordination with an amount of N.dollars 31,8 million. Kawana said the programme aims to mobilise, coordinate and manage external development resources and to develop and maintain a national integrated monitoring and evaluation system for the government.

He said the supervision, coordination and support services programme has been allocated an amount of N.dollars 167,7 million. The activities under this programme include rendering human resource management and development function; auxiliary services; financial management services; maintenance and safe-keeping of a computerised information system; and public relations.