NPL Awards On Despite Stars Threat

The MTC Namibia Premier League will hold its season-ending awards ceremony on 18 July, despite the threat of legal action from African Stars.

The Awards were put on hold pending the outcome of a dispute between the NPL and Stars, which the former declared resolved earlier this week.

MTC confirmed to The Namibian Sport on Wednesday that the decision to hold the awards was made by the NPL in consultation with them.

However, the rebellious club intends to push through with their High Court application to have their disputed match against Orlando Pirates replayed in its entirety.

According to Stars chairman Sidney Martin, the awards ceremony should not be staged as this would constitute a violation of the running legal process.

Martin said MTC will not be spared from the legal repercussions that may befall the NPL due to their involvement in the awards, which they will also contest.

“If they have the awards, then they are binding themselves to the NPL decisions. We will fight them,” Martin told The Namibian Sport.

On Monday, NPL chairman Johhny Doeumlseb declared that the 201314 season was complete after the “conclusion of the remaining eight minutes of the match on 2 July 2014 between FNB Orlando Pirates vs African Stars, which resulted 2-0 in favour of FNB Orlando Pirates”.

According to the NPL, Black Africa are the champions, Stars are second and Pirates third.

The awards ceremony is the only pending exercise left on their programme, Doeumlseb said.

“What Mr [Johnny] Doeumlseb is doing is trying to play down the matter. The matter is sub judice and there are legal implications for the pronouncements the NPL make,” Martin said.

“It is premature [for the NPL to call an end to the season]. We wrote to them to tell them we are playing under protest. Our position has not changed and we will not stop until we get to the merit of all pronouncements made by the NPL.”

Additionally, Martin said Stars’ persistence with the court case was for the greater good of football domestically.

Stars gly believe that they have been wronged by the football authorities, who have twice refused to hear their case on grounds of technical deficiencies in their appeal applications.

Martin said they intend to see the matter resolved through court. The club had its urgent application to the High Court struck off the roll but will still proceed with the case on a regular basis.

“Most clubs don’t have the financial capacity to challenge NPL decisions they don’t agree with.

For us it’s not about the financial aspect, it’s the principle we are fighting for,” said the defiant club boss.

“I think most people don’t understand what is going on here. The case is not over. It is still going to be heard.

“It’s very sad for people who lead our football if they don’t understand the rules.

“Our case is that we do not recognise the league as per our application. We will write letters to Fifa. “You cannot have rules that you don’t apply and only apply when you want them to apply.

“This whole issue could have been dealt with a long time ago but it is just because of some people having stupid pride. To have stupid pride takes you nowhere,” Martin said.

Source : The Namibian