NPL Divided Over NFA Seat

Namibia Premier League members are at loggerheads over their chairman Johnny Doeumlseb’s decision to snub a seat on the Namibia Football Association executive committee.

The Namibian Sport understands that Doeumlseb is maintaining his position not to assume the seat in protest of the outcome of the NFA Congress in December, when he, NFA presidential hopeful Ranga Haikali, the Southern Stream First Division, Khomas and Hardap regions representatives stormed out of the chaotic assembly ahead of elections for a new NFA executive committee.

The walkout resulted in Frans Mbidi and the rest of the NFA executive to be elected unopposed.

Doeumlseb’s indiscretion is expected to be dealt with once the NPL Board of Governors hold their first meeting of the year.

A number of clubs are said to have made known their unhappiness at Doeumlseb’s refusal to take up the NFA seat, given that his rebellion was not a BoG resolution.

The dissatisfied clubs, who are pushing for an urgent BoG meeting, have demanded that Doeumlseb explain himself and review his position on the matter.

Recusing themselves from an automatic position on the NFA executive committee will mean that all subsequent NPL activities will not be recognised by the rest of the footballing world as they would be operating in a vacuum.

It has been suggested in some quarters that Doeumlseb’s stance is a ploy to frustrate those in the NPL ranks who are sympathetic to the NFA setup, which, along with Haikali, he once again failed to infiltrate.

Notwithstanding a crushing defeat at the polls four years earlier, when Doeumlseb ran as Haikali’s deputy for the top NFA position, the mining magnate had anticipated a coupe in December. However that again failed to materialise due to several shortcomings.

With former NFA president John Muinjo stepping down, Haikali’s camp failed to take aantage of the opportunity to lure the outgoing head’s supporters, and instead where left fuming as early proceedings during the NFA Congress suggested that the majority of NFA affiliates had already been coerced into pledging their allegiance to Mbidi by Muinjo.

Having seen their challenge fall short once again, JJD and co then abandoned the congress, claiming that the assembly was a farce and that they were unwilling “to be part of an illegal process” after the NFA executive submitted a motion that the parties to the congress must condone unspecified “mistakes” made in the run-up to the congress.

They have since logged a complaint with the Namibia Sport Commission, who are also said to be dissatisfied with the NFA for ignoring their directive not to proceed with the congress until they had been cleared to do so.

The NSC ordered the NFA to postpone its congress to give the country’s highest sport body the opportunity to scrutinise the football body’s intentions to push through with amendments to its constitution.

The Sport Commission has, as has become the norm, since gone quiet on the matter.

Source : The Namibian