Nudo Blasts City Over Land

Nudo secretary general Meundju Jahanika has lashed out at the Windhoek Municipality saying it is to blame for its failure to allocate land to landless and destitute residents of the city over the past 24 years.

Jahanika was responding to a recent news report that appeared in New Era wherein Windhoek Mayor, Agnes Kafula, was quoted as saying the minority political parties are responsible for instigating people to grab land.

“Instead of freely allocating land to poor people who need land they reduce the price of expensive land when they sell (land) to Swapo politicians.

They must come up with a plan to deal with the unavailability of land because land is very expensive,” suggested Jahanika.

He said people have seen “what is happening and they decided to go and get land where they want.”

He further slammed claims by Kafula that Nudo is one of the political parties that instigated the 8ste Laan residents in Otjomuise to occupy land illegally.

“We went there to witness how people of the municipality demolished people’s shacks,” coutered Jahanika.

“Windhoek residents should not vote for Swapo because they failed them for the past 24 years. They should vote for Nudo,” he said, adding that if elected to power Nudo will buy land and resettle people in towns.

Source : New Era