Nudo Not a Tribal Party – Kandirikirira

Nudo Youth League national organiser Veparura Kandirikirira says the minority party belongs to all Namibians.

Kandirikirira said this while addressing a Nudo rally at Otjimbingwe on Sunday.

“There are those people who see Nudo as a Herero party and that is totally wrong so we want to correct that perception,” he said.

“Yes our majority are Otjiherero-speaking people like any other political party which has other tribes as the majority – Swapo, UDF, APP and others,” he said.

He said: “Nudo is for all Namibians and we need support basically from everyone.”

Kandirikirira also promised to provide free education at all levels should the party win the elections on November 28.

“If you vote for Nudo in this coming election, the party will bring free education up to tertiary level,” he promised supporters at the rally.

He said the party will not only bring free education but will provide students with the tools that they need to improve their level of education.

“The party will also provide transport to insure that learners arrive safe and in time at schools especially Unam, Poly and IUM,” he said.

He said Nudo would build vocational training centres in each constituency for all those who drop out of school.

“It is high time for Namibian voters to end 24 years of Swapo rule in Namibia as they have done little to solve Namibian people’s problems,” he said.

Kandirikirira said the party is the only party able to rectify all the wrongdoings done by Swapo over the past 24 years.

He said the government has failed to introduce free education at all levels and it has also failed to reduce the failure rate.

Source : New Era