Nudo wants Anti-Corruption court

OTJINENE; The National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) says it will establish an anti-corruption court to specifically deal with cases of graft, if it is voted into power.

According to Nudo Secretary-General Meundju Jahanika, cases of corruption do not receive priority in the country’s courts and are often prolonged before judgement is made on them.

He said his party will give due consideration to such cases, to avoid the misuse of government resources.

Jahanika made these remarks during a Nudo star rally held at Otjinene in the Omaheke Region at the weekend.

The Nudo SG said his party will advocate for stiffer sentences against corrupt government officials who betray public trust by involving themselves in shady dealings involving government resources.

Jahanika used the opportunity to blast the government for allegedly only granting recognition to traditional leaders affiliated to the ruling Swapo Party, at the expense of those known to be aligned to the opposition.

“This thing of giving official recognition status to some traditional leaders – especially those that are affiliated to Swapo – must end henceforth. It is a very bad practice as some traditional leaders do not even qualify to be called as such. Imagine a traditional leader having only 30 followers, yet he is recognised as chief. This has to end,” he said.

Nudo, which has enjoyed massive support in the Otjinene constituency in past elections, said the Namibian Government has not been serious in addressing the plight of thousands of Ovaherero and Ovambanderu communities who were affected by the 1904-1908 genocide.

The party claimed that the genocide and reparation motion introduced in parliament by erstwhile Nudo President, Kuaima Riruako last year, was only accepted ‘to silence the Ovaherero people.

According to Jahanika, Germany has managed to silence the Namibian Government on the issue of reparation through the Namibia-German Special Initiative Programme.

“The Namibian Government balances its books with the help of the money from the Germans. So, for that reason, they have chosen to be silent on the issue of reparation,” he said.