Nujoma donates computers to Omuulukila Primary School

OUTAPI: Justice Minister and Patron of the Omuulukila Primary School, Utoni Nujoma on Wednesday donated six computers, a printer, eight office chairs and cash to the school.

The value of the donation is more than N.dollars 40 000.

The Omuulukila Primary School is situated 20 kilometres north of Outapi town.

Governor of the Omusati Region, Sophia Shaningwa donated N.dollars 1 000, Managing Director (MD) of TONA Trading Holdings Neumbo Onesmus Amadhila contributed N.dollars 10 000, and the MD of Ondopi Construction and Renovations John Pendukeni donated N.dollars 2 000.

Nujoma handed over the donation during the opening of a revamped block of two classrooms and a storeroom by Amadhila that cost more than N.dollas 10 000.

Nujoma said the contributions will ensure a brighter future for the students.

“I am informed about the numerous challenges and difficulties the school continues to face in its quest to produce high quality education to students. I am aware that there is a critical low level of books compared to the population of students in the school,” he said.

He thanked Amadhila for showing commitment and dedication to the welfare of the school and future leaders.

Nujoma reiterated that the school needs to maintain and protect the little infrastructure available, adding that the school has to put measures to avert rampant vandalism of school properties.

“The challenges I just outlined are not only common to the Omuulukila Primary School, but are experienced in many Government schools.

We also realise that the government has limited resources and cannot attend to problems of every school in the country at one time. I am hoping that through these donations the beneficiary school will sustain and improve the academic performance of learners while bridging the digital divide,” the patron said.

Speaking at the same occasion, Omuulukila Primary School principal, Amon Haimbangu thanked those who contributed towards the development of his school and education of the learners.

“We intend not to keep these computers in their boxes but to put them to good use. Currently, we are awaiting two more computers we have just procured,” he said.

Haimbangu said the school has plans to change the curriculum next year in order to accommodate and offer computer training as a subject from grades five to seven.

He said they plan to acquire a computer server and extra computer in order to set up a fully-fledged computer laboratory.

Chief Executive officer of the City of Windhoek, Niilo Taapopi also attended the event.