Nujoma portrait sells for N.dollars 100 000

OTJIWARONGO: A black and white portrait of Founding President Sam Nujoma fetched N.dollars 100 000 at an auction here Saturday.

The portrait is a graphically enhanced photograph and portrays Nujoma during the early years of the liberation struggle for the independence of Namibia.

Business mogul, Sydney Martin purchased the portrait during an event that marked Nujoma’s 86th birthday and the fourth annual 12 May Movement celebrations.

Nujoma was born on 12 May 1929.

The movement was established by the Swapo-Party Youth League (SPYL) in 2012 to celebrate Nujoma’s legacy and heroic role he played in the liberation struggle of Namibia, as well as his outstanding leadership during his reign as first president.

Simaneka Amakali, trading as Kondja; Nangolo Mbumba on behalf of the Swapo-Party and other business people here also bought portraits of Nujoma at prices between N.dollars 35 000 and N.dollars 48 000.

The portraits were made by Namibian graphic designer, Max Shiimi.

He told Nampa shortly after the auction at the Mokati Stadium on Saturday that he made a total of N.dollars 343 000 out of seven portraits, all graphically manipulated.

Shiimi noted that the portraits tell the story of Nujoma’s bravery and triumph over the South African colonial apartheid regime.

“The portraits also represent the legacy of what the Founding President stood for, as well as the peace, solidarity and justice he brought to the country,” he said.

Shiimi said 20 per cent of the money will be donated to the Sam Nujoma Foundation.

Work on the portraits started two years ago.

“The whole idea is not about making money out of the portraits but a way of honouring our Founding President,” he said.

Nujoma was also presented with several birthday gifts at the occasion.