Nunw Not Ashamed to Be in Bed With Swapo

The National Union of Namibian Workers says it is not ashamed or regretful to publicly say that it is affiliated to the ruling party and urged all its members to rally behind Swapo during the upcoming polls.

At a press conference held in Windhoek last week, NUNW’s Acting Secretary General Job Muniaro made it clear that the union does not support any other party but Swapo.

Detractors have in the past called on the NUNW to become a non-partisan movement in order to represent the interests of all workers from different political backgrounds. NUNW’s affiliation to Swapo has also been seen as one of the reasons why the ruling party enjoys a mass following among the country’s working class.

“The NUNW affirms without shame or regret that it is affiliated to Swapo Party. NUNW has been formed deliberately as an affiliate of the party and shall remain forever such an affiliate,” said Muniaro.

When asked about the NUNW members who are not Swapo supporters, Muniaro said:”We are an affiliate of Swapo and therefore I am calling on all workers to vote for the party. It is not a problem if I call on non-Swapo members to vote for Swapo because it is democratic,” said Muniaro.

NUNW has a membership base of over 70 000 workers.

Muniaro said those aocating for NUNW not to be affiliated to Swapo are aocating for non-cooperation with government and are enemies of tripartite relations through which workers, employers and the state dialogue to address concerns raised by workers.

“NUNW is aware of those dreamer parties that aocate for the introduction of laws that segregate workers from their government,. We assure them that they shall never rule this country and return it to SWANLA practices,” charged Muniaro.

“NUNW holds dear its objectives of representing the Namibian workforce and our desire to fight for the economic freedom and social development of the land of the brave. We remain truthful and committed to fulfil our duties without being biased,” he said.

He said the ruling party’s constitution allows workers to have real representation in its structural decision making, which is meant to put into practice mechanisms as to how workers can influence policies and legislation governing their lives and make them part and parcel of the government of the day.

Muniaro also accused the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) organisation of establishing a neo-colonial and imperial strategy to fight Swapo and NUNW for a regime change in the country.

Source : New Era