NUNW will not tolerate workers being oppressed

WINDHOEK: The National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) is on a mission to re-double efforts in service delivery to rescue workers from their exploitative and disrespectful employers.

NUNW acting president, Connie Pandeni said this during a media briefing here on Wednesday, adding that workers who feel that they are being exploited should report it, and the union will react to the matter promptly.

She said workers should unite across the country in order for them to live up to the union’s slogan of “An injury to one is an injury to all”, urging workers to report any maltreatment, including insults or unsafe working conditions.

“We are sending a stern warning to all our fellow citizens out there that workers will not tolerate any insults to our national leaders, union leaders and members in general as unspecified actions will be taken against perpetrators,” said Pandeni.

The unionist said that it is disturbing that, so early in the year, workers have become victims of economic hardships at the hands of untouchable boards and managements.

Pandeni said that thorough high-level investigations should be carried out at TransNamib, which is about to retrench 1 000 of its employees this year.

“We will not rest until the plight and the livelihood of its (TransNamib) affected workers/members are rescued,” she said.