Nyamu seeks reassurances about alleged Omusati harassment

WINDHOEK: Member of Parliament (MP) Jesaya Nyamu on Wednesday wanted to know from Prime Minister (PM) Hage Geingob whether the harassment of his party by the Swapo-Party during election campaigns in the Omusati Region will stop.

The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) MP asked this in Parliament on Wednesday after DTA of Namibia MP Phillemon Moongo had posed a question to Geingob on whether local political parties’ conduct during elections is subject to observation by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Election Observer Missions as well.

Nyamu said Geingob and President Hifikepunye Pohamba continuously emphasise that Namibia should have peaceful elections, while his party allegedly faces instances of harassment and provocation from the ruling party.

“I am being truthful. I am not accusing the Swapo-Party all over the country. However, I have not seen provocation in other parts of the country, except in the Omusati Region,” he complained.

The RDP MP further questioned why it is so difficult for Swapo to discipline itself in that region, adding that in all elections, RDP is always treated differently in that region.

“Can the Prime Minister reassure us that what has been happening in Omusati will stop henceforth?”, he asked Geingob.

In February this year, the usual tug-of-war between the ruling Swapo-Party and the RDP about which party may place its flag on which tree was revived when the opposition party put flags on a few trees near shebeens at Olupandu in the Omusati Region.

Swapo supporters interpreted the RDP action as provocation, and reacted by putting up about five times as many flags of their own.

Last month, Nampa also reported that a mob of about 50 residents of the Onhimbu informal settlement at Outapi in the Omusati Region allegedly attacked 15 members of the RDP.

The mob is said to have been made up of Swapo members, supporters and sympathisers.

Four of the RDP members were injured, and received medical treatment at the hospital at Outapi.

Responding to Nyamu, Geingob said he expected the RDP MP not to mention the area, as that in itself was already provocation.

Geingob said instead of just talking about having peaceful orderly elections, Nyamu’s statement was an indication that his mind is already set on the RDP wanting to provoke certain activities in the Omusati Region.

“You are already warning the Omusati Region that you do not like them,” the PM stated.

Geingob is also the vice-president of the Swapo-Party.