NYC Leadership’s Term Expired 6 Months Ago

THE National Youth Council board and representative council are still in office six months after their terms expired in December last year.

NYC chairperson of the restructuring committee Armas Amukwiyu confirmed this on Sunday in an email, saying there are holes in the National Youth Service Act of 2009 that makes it difficult to establish when the terms end.

He, however, said the delayed General Assembly will be held this year in September, where a new executive chair will be elected.

This means that the executive chair, Mandela Kapere, who also doubles as the board chair, will still be in office until September.

According to the NYC constitution, the board and the representative council are obliged to call for a General Assembly at the end of the four-year term where a new leadership – four delegates from youth forums and four others from affiliate organisations and board members of the NYC – is elected.

The General Assembly not only serves as an election platform for an executive chairperson, but also for the review of the board and representative council’s activities.

He said the current board and executive chairperson were elected for a four-year term in December 2010 under the auspices of the then NYC constitution, before the NYC Act of 2009 was gazetted.

Amukwiyu said the Act was then gazetted in November 2011, after which the board and Kapere were inaugurated in February 2012.

“As this stands, the board is aware of the ambiguity in the Act in regards to the mandate of the board and the executive chair. In 2012 a legal opinion was sought by the youth ministry from the Attorney General, which aised that an amendment be made to include a transitional mechanism to iron out this ambiguity.

“As far as we have been informed, the discussion on the amendments to the NYC Act in regard to this ambiguity and other matters is still ongoing. As a leadership, and despite the insistence from stakeholders to address these matters, we have been resolute to move forward in carrying out our mandate by setting up youth structures and pursuing youth development,” said Amukwiyu.

He said the youth ministry and the representative council agreed to hold the General Assembly this year and that there have been consultations regarding the end of the board members’ term.

“Kapere also confirmed that he will not challenge his term ending in September even though he was only inaugurated in 2012, in spite of the fact that he has firm grounds to do so, ” said Amukwiyu, adding that an extraordinary representative council has been called for 27 July in Nkurenkuru, Kavango West, for the finalisation of regional and constituency youth forums.

The situation has brought further division between factions within the Swapo Party Youth League, which is in control of the NYC. The representative council’s chairperson, Nevelle Andre yesterday said the council will meet on 27 June where a report explaining why the General Assembly did not take place in December will be tabled, explained and discussed.

Youth minister Jerry Ekandjo said the NYC is an independent organisation and he will not meddle in their affairs.

“All we do is just fund them, so I would be out of place to comment on their issues. Speak to the board,” said Ekandjo.

Speculation amongst the youth organisations has become rife, with them questioning especially the motives of delaying the General Assembly.

Some have attributed the delay to the infighting within the Swapo Party Youth League, which is the biggest affiliate of the NYC most of whose leaders of the current board are part of the faction within the league who have been trying, without success, to unseat secretary Elijah Ngurare since 2011.

A large section of the SPYL national executive committee is aligned to Ngurare while Kapere, Amukwiyu, Andre and NYC board member Sydney Ganeb and deputy finance minister Natangwe Ithete have been Ngurare’s aersaries.

This faction has been accused of being behind the attempts to dismiss Ngurare.

Talk in the SPYL is that Kapere delayed calling for the General Assembly because of fears that the Ngurare-led faction might unseat him. The Namibian understands that suspended SPYL spokesperson Job Amupanda is considering challenging Kapere for the NYC executive chairmanship.

Amupanda has been in the Ngurare camp. Suspended SPYL leader Dimbulukeni Nauyoma last year succeeded in taking over the students’ organisation Nanso from Sharonice Busch, who is in the Kapere camp.

Nanso was one of the NYC affiliates supporting Kapere before Nauyoma took over as secretary general.

This would mean that Kapere will face a stern challenge if he wants to keep his post.

Source : The Namibian