Okahao gets bus and taxi terminal

OKAHAOA: Okahao is determined to take the government’s development agenda to greater heights, Omusati regional governor Sophia Shaningwa says.

She made the statement on Friday during the inauguration of a bus and taxi terminal at Okahao.

The governor said the Omusati Region’s other three towns of Outapi, Oshikuku and Ruacana are also carrying forward the government’s development agenda.

“Just a few years ago when Okahao was still not a town, nobody imagined that this is how the town will look today, with shops, banks, businesses and modern houses,” Shaningwa noted.

Contractors are continuously working on various projects at Okahao to expand urban services.

The town’s Extension 4 was recently serviced with roads, water, sewer and electrical reticulation.

“Okahao is clearly forging ahead and growing,” said Shaningwa.

She noted that the loading and offloading of commuters along the town’s main road creates a safety and security hazard for travellers, hence the relocation of such activities to the town’s Open Market.

Shaningwa believes such relocation will also create more support to market traders with regards to improved customer base.

In addition to the bus and taxi terminal, public toilets in the area were also officially opened on the same day in order to provide the public with access to improved sanitary facilities.