Okanguindi Mini Marathon a Resounding Success

The village of Okanguindi in the Otjozondjupa Region once again made history when it successfully hosted the third edition of its annual mini marathon over 9.5 km, during the festive season.

The event, which boasted more than 130 participants, also attracted hordes of people from neighbouring villages such as Okanguindi, Okatjoruu, Okavare, Omazera and Otjihozu, to mention but a few.

Event organisers expressed satisfaction with the competition’s general improvements, especially the good overall organisation and increased participation compared to the last two editions. The event was open to anyone from the age of 4 to 60 years.

There were two main types of categories from which participants could choose to compete, either the walking or the running events. Kids under the age of 10 years and the elderly were allocated half the distance to cover 5km, while the rest were expected to complete 9.5km.

As usual, water points along the way were provided while volunteers from the community availed their cars to serve as emergency vehicles.

The categories that had prices for grabs were as follows: Running (boys and girls under-10) Running (boys and girls 11-15 years) Running (men and women separate, 16-44 years) Running Veterans (men only, 45 years and up) Walking (men and women, 16-44 years), Walking Elderly (women, 45-60 years, 5km only).

Various members of the community were also awarded honorary medals for their exceptional achievements within the local community. The working young people of Okanguindi village and their friends from other areas, who supported the cause, donated the various prizes and the medals.

The biggest sponsorship came from Olgen Hewicke and his family (N$3 000) followed by the rest as follows: Okanguindi Residents (N$1 800) Wilson Billawer and Family (Medals and breakfast) West End Supermarket in Windhoek (N$400) Browny Mutrifa (Additional gifts for winners) Kawerii and Lotte Kandingua (gifts for Under-10s) and Seven Kamundu (gifts for Under 15s).

This financial boost enabled the adult winners to receive N$400 each, with second and third placed finishers each receiving N$200 and N$100 respectively, while medals (gold, silver and bronze) were also awarded to all winners.

Anyone with constructive and professional aice on how to improve the competition is humbly requested to contact Hungiree Wilson Billawer (interim Publicity and Mobilisation Officer) at 081 140 5673 Putens Tjihoreko (interim President) at 085 550 2246 and or Seven Kamundu (interim Chairman) at 081 301 4303.

Source : New Era