Okuryangava Creche Burns Down

A PRE-SCHOOL that housed about 150 children burned down in the Okuryangava informal settlement in Windhoek yesterday.

The school, which also serves as a day-care centre, is connected to a residential house that burned down at around 16h00.

No one was injured in the fire. Although the fire fighters responded immediately, nothing could be saved as the fire spread too fast and everything burned to ashes.

House owner Gerhard Shartz said he could not explain the cause of fire, saying he was outside and was only alerted by the children.

Shartz said he is grateful that no one was injured in the fire, as all the children were safely taken out.

He said they started their pre-school in 1999 and had it registered in 2001.

“When your house burns down, you are poor. You have to start from scratch. I believe in God and God will make a way where there seems to be no way,” Shartz said.

One community member, Magano Iikwambi, described it as a tragedy. She said this was where they left their children.

“I am sad because this is where we leave our children with no worries. We plead to the community, for help to rebuild our children’s school,” Iikwambi said.

Lourencia Afrikaner also pleaded for help from the community.

Afrikaner said she would drop off her two children every day, her three-month-old girl and four-year-old boy.

Afrikaner said the boy was suffering from a disorder and that it was best for him to interact with other children to keep his brain at ease. She also begged those who can donate to give to the family for rebuilding the kindergarten.

The parents paid N$120 per month. Those willing to assist the family can contact Afrikaner on 081 454 4657. tuyeimo@namibian.com.na

Source : The Namibian