Omaheke Regional Governor orders Gobabis Municipality to prioritise Namibia Angola Housing Initiative

WITVLEI: The Omaheke Regional Governor has instructed the Gobabis Municipality to urgently sort out matters that have been holding up the establishment of an envisaged business park under the Namibia Angola Housing Initiative (NAAHI).

NAAHI intends to construct an industrial park, a truck port, cattle auction house and a meat-packaging plant in Gobabis at a cost over N.dollars 800 million.

Since the project was touted two years ago, negotiations leading to the formalisation of standing agreements that would pave the way for the project have failed to bear the desired results.

The major obstacle towards the realisation of the project appears to be the attaining of land on which the initiative’s business activities will be set up from the local authority.

According to the initial agreement reached between NAAHI and the Gobabis Municipality, the latter was expected to provide a portion of town land for the initiative – this agreement was however not final, as the municipality apparently only agreed in principle to avail the land pending further negotiations that would have led to the formalisation of the agreement.

But Omaheke Regional Governor Festus Ueitele wants the project to be realised as soon as possible, noting that it holds great potential to provide much needed economic opportunities in the region.

The Omaheke Governor was speaking during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Omaheke Region and the Angolan province of Cuando-Cubango at Witvlei on Monday, where he instructed the Gobabis Municipality to work aggressively towards the realisation of this business initiative, as it is a vital ingredient to the economic enhancement of our region and the country at large.