Omaheke SMEs receive donations

GOBABIS: The Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare at Gobabis on Friday donated various materials and equipment to eight beneficiaries as part of its annual assistance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The SME projects assisted during the ministry’s small grants programme for this year range from chicken farming and gardening projects to salons and sewing businesses.

The successful beneficiaries were selected to benefit during this year’s programme out of hundreds of applicants.

Handing over the donations on Friday on behalf of the committee which selects the beneficiaries, the Chairperson of the Omaheke Regional Council, Ignatius Kariseb, urged the beneficiaries to use the material and equipment received prudently to advance their businesses.

Kariseb noted that the donated materials should not be stored away or used for personal gain, but should instead be utilised to the best interest of the beneficiaries’ respective businesses and projects.

“You are among the lucky ones nationally to have received these materials and equipment. Use them wisely and let us see your businesses growing into bigger enterprises because of your wise management and care of these materials,” he said.

Kariseb used the opportunity to call on locals to make use of SMEs for their needs, as such businesses have the necessary know-how and skills to deliver on any businesses needs and services that may be required from them.

“Gone are the days when SMEs were looked down upon. Today we realise the value of such businesses to the economy and also to its local community set-ups. Let us support them and rally behind their operations,” he stated.

Simon Kangootui, the regional head of the ministry in the Omaheke Region, told beneficiaries that the ministry has gone to great lengths to make sure they receive the material and equipment; and as such they should safeguard the materials at all times.

Kaveire Uanivi of Herdies Car Wash and Restaurant, who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries, noted that they would do the ministry proud by setting a positive example on how best to maintain and look after the donated materials and equipment.

“Rest assured that the materials and equipment handed over to us today will be used in the most appropriate manners to grow our businesses. We are also open to be used as a case study for the ministry when considering future donations to similar projects,” she said.

The ministry spent N.dollars 94 200 on the materials and equipment donated.