Omalaeti Releases Four Albums

Omalaeti Music Production has released four albums for Lioness, Odelela, Omkonda and Kekaku.

The release of Omalaeti albums follows the enormous improvements from artists over the past years such as Tate Buti with his album Omkonda, PDK with Kekaku, Promise with Lioness and Kamati with the album Odelela. The Co-Owner of Omalaeti and Executive Producer of the albums, John Walenga, says each artist from the label have worked hard to produce a good and qualitative album, and the theme of every album was chosen according to the genres that artists sing. He says each and every year-end, Omalaeti releases albums of its artists who have shown hard works over the year. “As Omalaeti, we try to explore new voice when it comes to music,” he says.

However, the new releases also sees the new kid on the block, Promise. She came with her 14-track massive album, Lioness, which contains a mixture of Shambo and a bit of traditional genres. With her golden voice, Promise has shown what she has been doing for the past three years under production and her songs are promising as her name. The trio of PDK, which consists of Patrick, Deon and Kamtonyo, has also worked hard on their ninth album Kekaku, described as a masterpiece. Their 20-track album will greets you with a good melodic sounds. The song Kekaku, featuring Tate Buti, is worthy listening to and you just can’t take a chance to skip it. Track 8, Ndatokola have a nice tempo, here Patrick started off the song with his melodic voice. Kuukulunu, the trio showed their maturity and the song is a bit different from the way they use to sing before. Unlike Tate Buti on his previous album, in Omkonda, the first track Good Feeling featuring Star is the impressive song that will catch everyone’s feeling, as danceable as it is. Songs such as Omkonda, Komakuwa and Inokwena are some of the foretaste songs in the album. Kamati brought new fresh traditional album featuring different artists. Gwamupolo, Esiku and Dish Killer are ear catching songs on the album.

Source : New Era