Omulonga Has Access to Clean Water

The Omulonga Constituency Councilor in Ohangwena, Erickson Ndawanifa, is contented with the progress made in ensuring everyone in the constituency has access to clean, potable water.

The constituency which had a serious water crisis since independence has had half of its 32 000 population with no access to potable water.

The community had in the past resorted to drinking water from dirty boreholes or were forced to walk long distances to get clean potable from nearby villagers such as Ongha.

“This was my first priority when I took office and I am happy that almost the whole constituency is now getting fresh water,” said Ndawanifa.

At the end of phase six of the Indangungu-Onambuto water line which provides water to Omulonga Constituency, Ndawanifa said: “I am finally relieved, it was not an easy task to have people demanding water and you are not responding to their requests.”

Ndawanifa expressed satisfaction with the joint efforts of rural water supply, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Namwater, and the installation company which worked closely with the councilor’s office to bring potable water close to the people.

With the project ending at the end of September, Ndawanifa noted there are individuals who have already embarked on vandalizing the infrastructure.

He thus called upon community members to refrain from vandalizing the infrastructure and to jealously safeguard them so that future generations can get water from the same taps.

“Those properties are your own. You need to take care of them and not to vandalise them,” he said.

He warned those who are reported for vandalizing the properties that they “will face the music of the law”.

Ndawanifa also urged community members to preserve the taps that have been there since independence.

He related that the old taps are abandoned and are not taken care of.

In the same vein, the constituency councillor urged community members to uphold their membership at the various taps in the constituency and to ensure that they pay for the water usage.

He said water payment is crucial to ensure that community members continue to receive water.

“Getting water to the people is expensive hence please pay for your water you cannot drink water for free,” stated Ndawanifa.

Source : New Era