Omulonga Residents Delay Project

Omulonga Constituency Councillor, Erickson Ndawanifa, has urged members of the comminity to desist from blocking development in the area.

Ndawanifa made the call after complaints that there some individuals are hindering the progress of the Oshandi – Oshiweda road.

There are complaints that some people have refused to be compensated or hinder the progress of the road due to family conflicts.

The constituency councillor is disappointed about ten people in his constituency have refused to relocated and to pave way for the construction of the planned road.

The councillor was particularly disappointed that the very same community who want developmental projects in the area are the same people who are at the forefront of blocking developmental projects once granted.

“People demand for development and at the same time when development is brought to them they stand in the way and block it,” noted the constituency councillor.

Ndawanifa urged the community members to handle in-house family conflicts without hindering the progress of the road works.

He said conflict related to compensation should come to an end in the constituency.

He warned the issue of influencing each other to either not accept compensation or demand for higher compensation is not acceptable.

He said the public should motivate each to welcome developments and support the implementation put forward.

“Some people apparently refused to move and to be compensated, while some apparently refused to accept money claiming that it is too little,” said Ndawanifa.

Ndawanifa said developmental projects are for the people and people should embrace them and support the efforts made to bring development to the people.

Source : New Era