Omusati Farmers Worry Over Rampant Stock Theft

NUMEROUS cases of stock theft west of Omusati Region have forced farmers from Ruacana, Onesi and Outapi constituencies to hold an emergency meeting with the police at Omahenene border post this week.

Special Field Force Police Chief Haindongo Shomongula said the animals are stolen from the farms in Omusati and then transported to Angola for sale.

Farmer and former Ruacana constituency councillor Lazarus Kornelius said he has already lost 22 goats to the rustlers, while other farmers – Paulus Shitumbuleni lost 39 Peter Mulumentu 18 Onesimus Nepembe,14 Ruben Silas, nine Magdalena Nadjebo, 21 and Simon Mengela, 15.

“Many farmers in this region are crying at the hands of these syndicates that consist of Namibian and Angolan criminals,” Kornelius said.

He suggested that more police should be deployed along the border from Ruacana to Okapalelo, and that the borderline should be properly fenced.

“The borderline is a mess at the moment – full of bushes, grass and what have you – making it difficult for the police to see things from a distance,” Kornelius said.

One of the chief investigators of stock theft in the Omusati Region, inspector Simon Kambidi, said lack of cooperation between Namibian and Angolan police contributes to the situation. Kambidi told the meeting that if they follow the thieves into southern Angola, they usually see the goats being loaded in small trucks or the cattle driven, but when they seek assistance from their Angolan counterparts, they do not get it easily.

In the meantime, the trucks will disappear to places such as Xangongo, Kahama, Lubango, Luanda, Hwambo, Omatala and Malanje.

Source : The Namibian