Omusati Population Grows By 14 000

THE population of Omusati region has increased by 14 324 people between 2001 and 2011, while the annual population growth rate stands at 0,6%.

This was said by the Governor of Omusati, Sophia Shaningwa, during the presentation of the 2011 population and housing census regional profile at Outapi last Thursday.

“The population in this region was 189 919 in 1991 and it grew to 228 842 in 2001,” said Shaningwa who said the population now stands at 243 166.

Shaningwa said the urban population has been growing constantly over the three census years resulting in about 6% of the population living in the region’s towns compared to 1% in 2001.

The governor also said the education sector had also seen some improvement, with the adult literacy rate now at 87%, while the enrolment of primary school children jumped to 91%.

She further said 30% of urban households did not have toilet facilities while only 51% of households have access to safe drinking water.

“Given the situation above, as a nation, government, businessmen and women, we need to ask ourselves whether we are making any progress in improving the lives of our people in terms of providing for shelter, education and health services for our people to enjoy high quality life as our goal under Vision 2030,” said Shaningwa.

The high unemployment rate, poverty, socio-economic inequalities, skilled labour shortage and the narrow industrial base to create employment opportunities are some of the many challenges the region faces.

She also said the region intends to address the underlying causes of unemployment, poverty and inequality in a comprehensive manner and urged the inhabitants of the region to use the information in the report for the development of the people.

In June 2011, the Cabinet declared the 2011 population and housing census a national priority.

Source : The Namibian