Omusimboti community living in fear of alleged witchcraft practices

OMUSIMBOTI: The community of Omusimboti village in the Oshana Region’s Oshakati East Constituency are living in fear of alleged witchcraft practices, reportedly carried out at the village by certain individuals.

This came to light during a community meeting convened yesterday here by the constituency councilor, Lotto Kuushomwa, to solicit concrete evidence on the matter from the villagers.

The meeting was as a result of ongoing allegations that motorists, mainly from other villages, have a hit list of villagers to be killed for witchcraft practices.

Kuushomwa told the meeting that a young motorist from Onakazizi village of Oshikoto Region’s Omuntele Constituency on Sunday night fell in a trap set by Omusimboti villagers, who were on the look-out for those allegedly involved in witchcraft.

The young man from Onakazizi village had parked his car in the bushes while visiting his lover, whom he has a child with, at a nearby homestead.

Kuushomwa pointed out that it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that the mission of the young man from Onakazizi village was to visit his girlfriend, who did not want his car to be parked at her homestead.