Onalusheshete senior headman accused of damage to property

OFIFIYA: The Ondonga Traditional Authority’s senior headman for the Onalusheshete district, Eino Shondili Amutenya, stands accused of having destroyed and burned down the fences of two of his OshiKwanyama-speaking subjects.

This alleged damage of property and arson happened at the Ofifiya/Ombuwamtyonghe village in the Ohangwena Region’s Okongo Constituency a week ago.

The two crop field fences belong to Mengela Haikali and captain Lazarus Nghifikwa of the Namibia Defence Force (NDF) at Grootfontein.

Amutenya is said to have destroyed Haikali’s fence and that of Nghifikwa between 04 and 05 May this year.

“While the rest of the nation was commemorating Cassinga Day across the country, he (Amutenya) celebrated it by destroying our fences and burning down our poles here,” Haikali and Nghifikwa told reporters at the village on Sunday.

Haikali and Nghifikwa said Amutenya has not yet informed them why their fences have been destroyed and, as such, the duo laid charges of malicious damage to property at the Police at Okongo.

Amutenya is said to have arrived in the area in a convoy of about five cars at night on 04 May at the neigbouring village of Ongudi, before starting to destroy and burning down Haikali and Nghifikwa’s fences on 05 May without talking to the local people.

“It has touched my heart due to the fact that I, as one of the people who helped bury the bodies of our brothers and sisters who were brutally killed by colonial forces at Cassinga in Angola on 04 May 1978, have to experience my fence destroyed on the commemoration of Cassinga Day,” Nghifikwa narrated.

Amutenya declined to comment on the matter when Nampa approached him on Monday.

“I have no comment, they should ask the Ondonga Traditional Authority,” Amutenya replied.

This news agency attempted to get comment from the spokesperson of the Ondonga Traditional Authority, Joseph Asino, who said his office was not aware of the incident.

“Maybe it is still coming and I will only be able to comment once the office (Ondonga Traditional Authority Office) has been properly informed about what happened,” said Asino.

Amutenya is also accused of spearheading an anti-Kwanyama campaign, which has seen the alleged dismissal of several OshiKwanyama-speaking village headmen in the area of his jurisdiction.

Some of the headmen dismissed allegedly for being OvaKwanyama are Haikali, Mwahafa Shiweda of the Otjolo village, Jermia Hamukoto of the Omkulukila village, Ndaluka Shuudili of the Ondjaba village, Saltiel Shilongo of the Eembidi village and Antonius Nghilongwa of Ekonghola.