Onayena and Eenhana constituencies get gravel road

OMAHENGE: The Minister of Works and Transport Erkki Nghmtina says Namibian people in the rural areas have suffered too long by being isolated because of a lack of access to roads.

Nghimtina said this on the occasion of the official opening of newly constructed gravel road from Onayena in the Oshikoto Region to Omahenge in the Ohangwena Region at Omahenge village on Tuesday.

He told those present that because of rural people’s lack of access to better roads, the government is committed to the provision of safe and reliable access roads in the rural areas.

With the completion of the Onayena-Omahenge road, Nghimtina said schools, clinics and villages such as Ekaha, Oniihwa, Ondumetana and Onuuya will have access to the road.

According to Nghimtina, the Onayena-Omahenge road also connects Onankali School and Elombe School and Its clinic.

‘This road will lead to mushrooming of various constructions for example small retail shops and services industries thereby making our communities participate in increased production, provide inclusion in social actvities, promote economic development and environmental sustainability,’ Nghimtina explained.

He believes the road will provide transition from pure subsistence to market-orientation productions.

The government, Nghimtina said, fully funded the construction of the road. The Namibbeton Contractors built the road to the tune of N.dollars 45.57 million.

The Works and Transport Minister pointed out that about 40 per cent of the total project cost was paid to the small and medium-sized (SME) contractors.

The road has been constructed to gravel standards by using labour-intensive methodes, thereby creating a social and economic benefit to the involved local communities.

Some 300 men and women from Ohangwena and Oshikoto regions were employed to work as labourers in the project.