Ondangwa Gets New Music Production Studio

A great initial recording is the first step towards a great sounding record, and a great recording is best achieved in a great sounding room with a great engineer.

The newly established music studio in Ondangwa, Ekodhi Records, is set to produce quality and creative music for both upcoming and long existing artists in Namibia. The studio is wwned by Dave Denzel Dsquare and Pinehas Niitembu Pixxa, who came up with the idea of a new studio in Ondangwa to cater for all the struggling artists in the market, to make best beats for them, record vocals and help artists to make their own albums. “I am willing to help upcoming artists to complete their albums, but those who are talented and really want to do music,” says Dsquare.

He adds that the studio is properly equipped with instruments for the time being, but could still do with more instruments sponsorship since they also sponsor artists. “I am a producer by profession and can do any type of beats no matter what type. So far I have worked with lots of artists like Dj Crisss, Choice, Mushe and Smack69,” says Dsquare. They also expect established artists of the likes of The Dogg and Gazza to be part of the studio by recording their songs at the studio. More information about the studio itself can be found at their Facebook fan page ‘Ekodhi Studio’.

Source : New Era