Ondonga king commends organisation of Ondangwa Exhibition

ONDANGWA: King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas of Ondonga says business exhibitions contribute to socio-economic development by creating trade and employment opportunities in the country.

Elifas said this whilst speaking at an event organised by the Ondangwa Trade and Industrial Exhibition (OTIE) committee where he addressed exhibitors at Ondangwa on Saturday.

He noted that through the hosting of the trade exhibition, job opportunities and an entertainment platform are created for the country’s unemployed youth.

He said this also keeps the youth away from social evils, while on the other hand encouraging the OTIE committee to keep on hosting the exhibition for the benefit of the town and the country at large.

A total of 232 exhibitors, of which two are Zimbabwean and one Kenyan, are participating in the 2014 OTIE.

The exhibition commenced its activities on Friday and it will run until 03 May.