One Namibia, One Nation, Finish and Klaar! [editorial]

This year Namibia celebrated 25 years of independence and the coming of age of a winning Namibia through sports, development, industrialization and poverty eradication comes forth. 25 years? Imagine if it were you, what are you? Born Free or Born Struggle? Well, a grown-up fellow indeed that deserves a plot.

Yes, we all know and are hungry for success. When you are hungry, always no matter what the time might be, there is always that act. It is for the same principle many of us fail to implement in order to continue developing our beloved Land of the Brave. To those that lean back with hunger and wait for “thee” holy food from wherever to come down and feel ‘thy Kapunda’, all the best!

Even in the Bible somewhere it is written that the lazy will always not gain any good, so why sit around and continue to sing “I’m unemployed”, fellow youth go out there and be productive, YES, you can do it! It is about time as Namibians to offer solutions to our own problems before we complain because no one will deliver us from the numeracy of unemployment that gave birth to poverty.

Kudos to our President for creating the Ministry of Poverty Eradication – if you cannot be the Chief Poverty Eradicator nor Assistant to the Deputy Chief Poverty Eradicator or even Senior Assistant Deputy Poverty Eradicator (why not) – in that ministry it’s not the end of it all, you can be your own Poverty Eradication Officer in your own way, visit our very own Ministry of Trade, speak to the trade officers, tell them you want to register your own business, see if your spirit won’t be carried to Dubai by Air Namibia for a BEE business summit, it is possible.

Fellow youth let us all, for our OWN benefit use the same energy we use to complain and just really re-invest it in innovative ideas that make it rain. You will see how easy it will be to count and name our blessings one by one. It is indeed about time we jack out of our comfort zone and re-energize the Namibia that we vision. We can do better as individuals as long as we work hard, eventually Namibia will shine.

In as much as we learn to become humble to appreciate one another, I believe we can do better regardless of our differences, one Namibia, One Nation.

Source : New Era