Ongandjeras Deny Forming Party

THE man behind the formation of Ongandjera People United Party has dismissed claims that it was a political grouping after Omusati governor Sophia Shaningwa alleged that plans were afoot to launch it on Sunday.

Andreas Kapuku said even though the name of the organisation carries the word ‘party’, it was a social group aimed to look at ways to improve the living conditions of the Ongandjera people and that was why they had their King Johannes Mupiya as one of those expected to speak at the launch.

A number of prominent Swapo party members were listed as speakers at the launch.

Those listed included Reverend Jason Mbadhi Zionist Funeral Founder, Sion Sheehama King of Ongandjera, Johannes Mupiya Mayor of Okahao, Isai David councillor of Okahao, Isai Kapenambili Leonard Shikulo Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO, Tarah Shaanika Auditor General Junias Kandjeke Head of City Police, Abraham Kanime Immanuel Haipinge and Reverend Ananias Iita.

Kapuku, a teacher at Etalaleko Secondary School in Okahao, said that all the listed people were consulted on the formation and they agreed to attend the gathering. He also said the party was formed about two months ago, while the invitations were sent out two weeks ago.

Kapuku told The Namibian that the formation was for the people of the same kingdom to share information of common interest and build a g foundation for themselves.

“I spoke to the Auditor General, Junias Kandjeke, and the councillor of Okahao, Isai Kapenambili personally and they agreed to come to the gathering and address the meeting, while the other people were consulted by one of the organisers, Tangeni Kangwe,” said Kapuku.

Shaningwa said she was tipped off about the formation of the party by some of the regional council employees whom she delegated to attend the meeting.

The governor further said she decided to pull the rug from under their feet during Swapo’s 54th anniversary celebrations at Okahao on Saturday.

“The word party is self-explanatory and it made me mad to see that word on the name of the so-called association. Those who are implicated on the list are Swapo members who were supposed to tell me before they formed the party,” said an irate Shaningwa, adding that she does not have a problem with people forming social clubs.

But Kapuku said he blamed the councillors for misleading Shaningwa and also apologised to those on the list who feel they were not contacted before the invitations were sent out.

“It all just became difficult after the name of the club was shifted from a gathering to a party. I am not a politician and I do not know how to form a political party. The information the governor shared was really misleading and confusing to the people,” said Kapuku.

Kanime said he was not aware of such a party since he had not been contacted by anyone.

“I cannot comment on anything because I was not told anything,” said Kanime, adding that he does not know the persons behind the formation.

Kandjeke also professed ignorance, saying: “Is there a party? I do not know about that. I don’t know what you are talking about. I will comment after I see the list.”

Shaanika also dismissed the claims, saying there was no political party formed: “As far as I know, there was no political party formed. I don’t know how my name appeared on that list because I was not consulted. I am a Swapo member and I have no intention of forming a political party.”

He further said Kapuku was just organising a braai (party) and named it Ongandjera People United Party.

“Kapuku told me after I contacted him regarding this so-called party that he couldn’t get hold of me, because when he was calling me, I was not picking up the phone but probably it’s because I was busy with meetings at work. That’s why he did not inform me,” Shaanika said, adding that he doubts Kapuku had any intentions of forming a political party.

Source : The Namibian