Ongwediva junior mayor demands security for African children

ONGWEDIVA: The children of Africa want a peaceful environment which would enable them to attend school unhindered and ensure their security.

Ongwediva’s junior mayor, Rosalia Iita said this whilst addressing children from various schools in Ongwediva, who gathered at the town to mark the Day of the African Child on Monday.

Iita also expressed concern over the abduction of some 200 Nigerian girls by Islamic group Boko Haram recently.

“They took 200 innocent Nigerian girls and up to know they have not given us a reason why they took our girls,” Iita told her audience, adding that the kidnapping of children should not happen in an independent African continent.

She demanded that Africa ensure a friendly society and an environment which is conducive for children to prosper in their education.

Iita stated that children of Africa want to see the whole African continent educated, noting that education is not just a right – it also gives children many opportunities in life.

She believes there will be no poverty after African children are provided with quality education and the African nations become educated.

“I am, however, advocating for compulsory and quality education,” Iita said. Namibia has joined the rest of Africa in marking the Day of the African Child on 16 June every year since 1991.

The day is marked to remember the 16 June 1976 protest by the children of Soweto, South Africa against inferior education which was designed by the then apartheid regime.

Armed forces opened fire on the protesting children, killing and injuring hundreds of them on that fateful day.

The day was commemorated this year under the theme ‘A child friendly, quality, free and compulsory education for all children in Africa’.