Open Beach Volleyball Tournament in Swakopmund

The Bank Windhoek Namibian Open Beach Volleyball Tournament which took place last weekend at the Swakopmund Mole Beach in Swakopmund was a success with 27 teams taking part in the tournament.

The teams consisted of 12 men’s teams, 5 women’s teams, 5 mixed, 4-a-side mixed social teams and 5 junior girls teams.

The tournament was blessed with great weather, attracting a good spectator turnout for the two-day event.

The five junior girls teams played a ‘Queen of the Beach’ competition, playing ten matches with changing partners to determine the best individual player.

Kristin Schulz was the winner with seven victories, while Carmen Curschmann came second and Juliane Schuckmann third.

On Saturday, five mixed 4-a-side teams battled it out in the soft sand on the beach with the final match played between Farmers Attack and ‘Ek kom nou’. Farmers Attack managed to win the exciting final 2-1, while The Scoops won their play-off match for third position against FX Fitness.

The five women’s teams played their group matches on Friday while the semifinals and finals were scheduled for Saturday afternoon. The top seeded U21 national team of Julia Laggner and Saskia Henckert reached the final by beating veterans, Wiebke Hoeritzauer and Antje Kesselmann in straight sets.

The other semi-final match saw Rosi Hennes and Teja Luumlck play against Anita Kinder and Simone von Wietersheim in a very close match, with KinderVon Wietersheim taking revenge for their defeat in the group phase to qualify for the final.

The final saw LaggnerHenckert comfortably winning the first set 21-13, but the second set was equally contested to the end. Although both teams had a chance to finish the set, it was LaggnerHenckert who won it, 25-23, to take the match and the title with a 2-0 win. The third place play-off was won by HennesLuumlck.

The 12 men’s teams battled it out in two groups of six, with the top four teams of each group aancing to the knock-out phase. The first semi-final match saw Tin HlupicBrendon de Jager play against Marc NeuhausArno Pack. HlupicDe Jager had no problems winning comfortably by 2-0 sets to reach the final.

The second semi final saw the veteran team of Achim Luumlcketer Brinkmann playing against James VerrinderGerard Fischer. VerrinderFischer won the first set 21-15, while LuumlckBrinkmann fought back in the second set winning 26-24 to force the match into a tie break third set. Here, VerrinderFischer led comfortably due to unforced errors by their opponents, and managed to win the set 15-11 to aance to the final.

The final lproved to be a thriller with both teams giving it their all. FischerVerrinder won the nail biting first set 26-24, while HlupicDe Jager came back in the second set, winning it comfortably and forcing the match into a tie break third set. HlupicDe Jager made sure of repeating their victory from the first round and won the match and the Men’s title of the Bank Windhoek Namibian Open Beach Volleyball tournament.

Below are the results:


1. Tin HlupicBrendon de Jager

2. James VerrinderGerard Fischer

3. Achim Luumlck eter Brinkmann


1. Julia LaggnerSaskia Henckert

2. Anita KinderSimone von Wietersheim

3. Rosi HennesTeja Luumlck

Junior Girls (Queen of the Beach)

1. Kristin Schulz

2. Carmen Curschmann

3. Juliane Schuckmann

4-a-side Social Mixed

1. Farmers Attack

2. Ek kom nou

3. Scoops

The Namibia Volleyball Federation (NVF) received a sponsorship of N$80 000 from Bank Windhoek to host the Bank Windhoek Namibian Open Beach Volleyball Championships and the Bank Windhoek Namibia National Indoor Volleyball League.

The Indoor league is set to start in the second weekend of April with Namibia’s best eight men’ and women’s teams participating.

Source : The Namibian