Opening of Oshakati Market Delayed

The Oshakati Town Council has announced that the completion date for the new Oshakati open market has been extended by at least three months.

According to the town’s public relations officer Jackson Muma the initial completion date of phase three, which is the last phase for the new omatala, was set for June 2014.

“However due to the increase in volume of work, the practical completion date is rescheduled to the end of September. Among others, the completion date has been affected by some of the vital equipment ordered from overseas, such as a lift for the observation tower that is being manufactured in Germany and still to arrive.

“As such, Council would like to appeal to the public, particularly to the open market vendors who are at this moment dearly looking forward to enter the new Oshakati open market to bear with us and exercise a degree of patience in this regard,” said Muma.

According to Muma the project is costing the town council about N$80 million.

The existing open market accommodates about 300 vendors while the new open market has the capacity to house more than 400 vendors.

Source : New Era