Opuwo Trade Fair committee happy about exhibitors’ registation

OPUWO: Opuwo trade fair organizing committee members expressed happiness about the registration of exhibitors for the upcoming third trade fair here.

The Opuwo annual trade fair is expected to run from 26 May to 31 May this year at the Opuwo soccer stadium.

Organizing committee member Victoria Haihambo told Nampa on Thursday that the small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) stalls and the street vendors’ stalls are almost fully-booked, two weeks after the opening of registration.

There are 40 stalls available for SMEs, of which 28 have already been booked. All 20 available street vendors’ stalls which were available, have been fully-booked.

“The committee would sit very soon to see if 10 street vendors’ stalls could be added on the register, as there are a lot of applicants who are interested in having street vendors’ stalls.

There is also a feeling that the cut-down of the street vendors’ stalls from 45 to only 20 was too extreme, and could be pushed up to 30 stalls,” noted Haihambo.

She added that the reduction on the number of street vendors’ stalls was necessitated by a power failure which was experienced during last year’s trade fair in Opuwo due to the overload of electronics used by the stall owners like ovens, fridges and sound systems.

In the category of Government institutions, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology were the only institutions which had booked places at the third Opuwo trade fair as per records last Friday.

Irende Kavari, another member of the organizing committee and who is responsible for the livestock department, stated that the livestock show will still take place, but only for small livestock like goats and sheep, as well as chickens, if any.

This is due to the late rainfalls in the region, which resulted in cattle still being in bad shape and recovering at this stage.

“Despite a lot of enquiries being received from farmers about the livestock show, no farmer or livestock have been registered yet”, Kavari noted.

The exhibitors’ registration will continue up to the last day of the trade fair, as long as there are stalls available.

Meanwhile, the Opuwo Trade Fair Society held its gala dinner on 31 March this year, and collected N.dollars 139 150, which would be used for administrative expenses.