Oshakati Approves N$389.4 Million Budget

The Oshakati Town Council has approved a budget of N$389. 4 million for 201516.

According to the Oshakati mayor Onesimus Shilunga the council will carry out several projects that will contribute to the town’s economic development.

Such projects include the bulk servicing of Okaku Kiipupu, Extension 16, Ehenye and Ekuku.

The servicing of 270 erven at Okaku Kiipupu alone already used up N$39 million of the N$50 million budget allocation during the first phase of the project

Furthermore, an amount of N$20 million has been assigned to the two master plan projects such as the construction of the dyke around the town and the deepening of the Okatana River.

These projects have emerged under the concept of flood mitigation, which have been a problem for Oshakati.

At least N$32 million has been allocated to the improvement of roads, as well as to bitumen standard, while the survey for Ompumbu residential area will be carried out at a cost of N$4 million, while the servicing of Onawa location will be carried out at N$15 million, among others. Money has been budgeted for the construction of ablution facilities at the cemetery and the general beautification of town.

Shilunga said some of the capital projects catered for in the current budget have been ongoing since last year. The mayor further urged the residents to pay their bills on time, adding that there will be a five percent increment on water and other municipal services.

According to him the increments were done in accordance with the national inflation rate.

Taxes and assessment rates on properties will also increase by five percent for the new financial year 20152016.

The council’s financial year, which starts on July 01, 2015, will end on June 30, 2016.

Source : New Era