Oshakati Stadium Falls Apart

The seats at Oshakati Independence Stadium that were renovated last year at the cost of N$300 000 are already falling apart.

The head of the Ministry of Works and Transport, Simon Totwe, said the ministry was aware of the dilapidated state of the stadium and the ministry had sent an assessment report to the ministry of youth.

“We are not the owners of the stadium, our ministry is just responsible for the maintenance and repair of the stadium. For now we are waiting for the ministry of youth to give us the go ahead, then we can start the renovations,” said Totwe.

He, however, could not give an estimate of the total costs of the renovations to the rain-damaged seats.

Efforts to get comment from the youth ministry proved futile.

The Oshakati stadium has been at the centre of controversy for a number of years now, with members of the public complaining about the poor quality infrastructure and facilities as well as poor management.

When The Namibian visited the stadium, most of the seats were in a bad state, with some of them vandalised by fans who come to watch soccer games.

According to sources, the company that was contracted to repair the stands used poor quality materials like cheap boards that can be easily damaged by water or harsh weather conditions.

A resident of Oshakati, who preferred to remain anonymous, told The Namibian that the state of the stadium was pathetic.

“It is really disappointing to see our stadium in such a state, those seats need to be repaired urgently as they pose a danger to our children who come to train here and the adults as well,” he complained.

The grass on the pitch is also in a deplorable state as it has not been taken care of for many years.

Reports say plans to put an artificial turf were shelved due to financial constraints.

Residents have also accused the town council who recently hosted the town’s totem expo at the stadium this year, of negligence and vandalism at the stadium.

“We are against the hosting of Oshakati totem expo at the stadium because the council has left the stadium in a bad condition, they have destroyed some parts of the fence surrounding the stadium and the under ground water pipes. They must change their venue next year,” demanded the residents.

The public relations officer of Oshakati town council, Jackson Muma said the council has an agreement with the owners, the ministry of youth, on effecting repairs to the stadium.

Oshakati Independence Stadium which has two caretakers, three cleaners and two officers, was inaugurated in 2003.

Source : The Namibian