Oshakati Town Council bans pigsties

OSHAKATI: The Oshakati Town Council has issued a five-day notice demanding the permanent relocation of all pigsties in residential areas at this town.

The town’s corporate communication officer, Jackson Muma told Nampa here on Tuesday that the relocation of all pigsties and/or removal of pigs roaming within the town’s boundaries is being carried out as of Monday this week until Friday.

“The owners of pigs around Oshakati are reminded that the presence of pigsties in town can no longer be accepted as they are disturbing to the public eye,” he emphasized.

Muma pointed out that some of the pigs are left roaming and cause damage to properties in town.

“Failure to remove such structures will result in council compellingly getting rid of them at owners’ cost,” he threatened.

According to the council’s Impounding Regulations Act 191 of 1994, the council shall impound animals such as cattle, goats, horses, sheep and pigs roaming around town.

The public is thus urged to seek new conducive accommodation for their pigs far from town centre.

The Oshakati Town Council pardons the domestication of dogs, cats and poultry on a small scale.

These animals must be kept enclosed at all times.