Oshakati Town Council disposes of wreckages

OSHAKATI: The Oshakati Town Council has ordered all abandoned vehicles and/or wrecks off the town’s streets.

The council resolved that Friday this week will be the final day for owners to remove their old cars, says council spokesperson Jackson Muma.

Some four months ago, the Oshakati Town Council made an announcement requiring the removal of car wreckages and abandoned materials from the streets at the town.

Muma told Nampa here on Wednesday that some owners have removed their wrecks, but a few have not complied despite that they have been served with notices to do so.

“Council will proceed to get rid of abandoned vehicles and wreckages if the owners fail to comply with notices served on them,” he said.

Muma explained that the town is visually adulterated by unusable car wreckages, which should be placed at appropriate sites in order to reduce litter in town.

In the same vein, the council intends to reduce breeding grounds for diseases as well as to minimize hiding places for criminals.

“Thus, the council advises all wreckages around town to be confined within the owners’ enclosures or alternatively owners can sell them to scrap yards before the end of this week,” he stated.

The council has decided to embark on the wreck-removal campaign in efforts to promote the image of the town and to advocate for a “hale and hearty” town, which will in turn attract investors and create unique opportunities for its residents.