Oshana Tackles Poor Reading Culture

The Oshana Education Directorate of Library Services has introduced a children’s afternoon programme to promote the love of books and inculcate a culture of reading in a region perceived to have a poor reading culture.

The programme targets young children with the prime purpose of introducing them to a book-friendly environment.

The senior school librarian in Oshana Region, Fransina Shiponeni, said the programme seeks to encourage lifelong learning among children.

“The programme will help children attain a good level of achievement in literacy, numeracy, information and technology and essential life skills as a basis for lifelong learning,” said Shiponeni.

According to Shiponeneni, children who join the programme will be exposed to a variety of educational games, storytelling and oral literature from experienced volunteers.

Older children will be assisted with their homework by trained volunteers and library staff and will also benefit from the programme during school holidays.

Martha Erik who is the librarian assistant said although she is an accounting graduate she chose rather to work with children, adding: “I love working with children”. Erik who works closely with the children’s programme encourages parents to accompany their children to the centre and join them in reading sessions.

Erik said the library service received a positive response during the demonstration to test the eagerness of children to join the library programme.

“We assembled children at the library to see how they would respond. The children were great, many did not want to leave at the end of the exercise,” said Erik.

Source : New Era