Oshikoto NamPol warns against illegal hunting

ONGWEDIVA: Deputy commander of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Oshikoto Region, Deputy Commissioner William Peter has called on leaders in his region to educate their followers about illegal hunting.

Peter made the call in his response to the arrested of four men in connection of illegal hunting of a protected game on Monday at Etosha National Park in the Onanke area of the Oshikoto Region’s Omuntele Constituency.

A total of six suspects are said to have involved in the said illegal hunting, and three of them were arrested on Wednesday and the fourth one was arrested on Thursday.

All four suspects were due to make their first appearance in the Ondangwa magistrate’s court on Friday (tomorrow).

‘Two of the suspects are still at large, but they were to be arrested soon because they are known to members of the community,’ Peter explained.

He asked the suspects, who are not yet arrested, to surrender themselves to the Police as there is no room for them to survive and escape the rule of law.

According to him, the suspects entered the Etoshana National Park where they killed an Eland for meat.

Peter has also called on members of the public to report any suspicious movement or anybody who might be found illegally hunting protected game in the country to any nearest Police station.

‘It should be remembered that in Namibia, all animals whether domesticated or wild are protected by law. Hence, for one to hunt is expected to get hunting permit from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism,’ Peter noted.

Prohibition of the mass killing of wild animals, Peter said, is by law meant to preserve nature and not to prohibit people from eating meat.

The Oshikoto NamPol deputy commander identified regional councillors, traditional leaders, education officials and members of the Women and Men Network against Crime as potential stakeholders in illegal hunting prevention.