Oshikoto Schools Sit On Free Education Money

SOME schools in Oshikoto region have not used the money allocated under the free education programme.

Oshikoto education director, Lameck Kafidi, confirmed this, saying most schools lacked knowledge of how to use the money, which is still in their bank accounts.

The region received N$4,7 million during the 2012 – 2013 financial year, and N$10 million for the continuous budget allocation. About 40% of this money is lying in banks unused. Some of the education circuits that are sitting with unused funds are Oshigambo circuit with 31% Onyaanya circuit 43% Okumbula circuit 54% Onathinge circuit 54% Omuthiya circuit 47% and Onyuulaye circuit 62%.

A teacher at one school, who preferred to remain anonymous, told The Namibian that some schools did not receive the funds and that this has affected performance.

“It was better when the parents paid their children’s school development funds than this new corrupt system,” the teacher said.

A principal at a school in Oshigambo, who also asked not to be named, said principals are now forced to use their own money to buy the basics like stationery.

“Until when do we have to wait for the current financial year’s funds to be allocated? I was forced to buy firewood to cook for the pupils that are under the school feeding programme with my own money,” he said.

“We cannot continue to operate like this. It is affecting our pupils so much.”

Kafidi rubbished these claims saying all schools have received their funds.

“Those people are accusing our education directorate by giving out false information to the media. It is not true. I have proof that all the schools have received their annual funds,” he said, adding that all schools were allocated 33% of the continuous budget.

Kafidi also said when the government introduced free education, schools were given a full annual budget allocation from the April 2013 to March 2014 financial year, to be followed by the continuous money.

He said some pupils at some schools received N$188 each, whereas pupils at two schools received N$250 each.

Source : The Namibian