Oteya Brings Us ‘Ethimbo’

WE all knew her as Daphne, the other half of the sexy girl group, Gal Level, but after a two-year break Daphne Willibard is back as Oteya and judging from her solo debut music video, ‘Ethimbo’, Oteya means business.

It’s natural that she will be compared to the other half of Gal Level, Frieda Haindaka, now known as Freeda, whose solo career took off not too long ago and is doing well, but Oteya said she wants to be identified as an individual and not as part of Gal Level.

The video is of good quality, something the producers at Ogopa Butterfly are renowned for.

The song starts off with the Oshiwambo word, ondamanguluka, which translates to “I am free” and ethimbo, the title of the song, which means “it is time”.

One is immediately pulled in by the upbeat sound, which is a fusion of Afro-pop and a bit of House. With its polished sound it would be no surprise to see ‘Ethimbo’ on a top 10 show on Channel O or any other music shows on the continent or even internationally.

Oteya enters enchained, tied to a pole, a scene which goes very well with the lyrics, which speak of being freed.

In another scene she’s dressed in a blazer and bow tie showing off a body most women would die for, especially after having a baby.

Joined by dancers and knowing her performance capabilities from her Gal Level years, it comes as no surprise that the choreography is excellent.

As much as Oteya wants to move on from the Gal Level image, there is still an undoubted Gal Level feel to the video. There are stages in the video where one expects Freeda to join in and sing a verse or where her voice will feature in the chorus.

The choreography and the set-up, with the dancers wearing suits also remind one of Nigerian duo P-Square’s work on their two songs, ‘Alingo’ and ‘Personally’.

With music being a global language and a lot of artists drawing inspiration from the late king of pop, Michael Jackson, it comes as no surprise that artists from two different corners of the African continent have similar concepts in their videos.

If the beat, the quality of videography and the sassiness Oteya offers in the ‘Ethimbo’ music video is an indication of what she has to offer in her solo career, we can anticipate an entertaining quality debut solo album.

Oteya has just raised the bar, not only for female artists but all musicians in Namibia.

Source : The Namibian