Oteya Is Back to Claim Her Spot 17 Seconds Ago

Daphne Willibard, one half of the award-winning group, Gal Level, is back and this time she goes by the name of Oteya.

Oteya’s latest video, Ethimbo, proves that she is just as good going solo as she was with Gal Level. Two years ago, the duo, the other being Freeda, announced a five year recording break.

However last year, Frieda went solo and released her much anticipated solo debut album titled Just Freeda.”Gal level will always be a part of me but as for now we are both concentrating on our solo careers which has always been our dream,” says Oteya.

She adds that her label is busy focusing on building the brand ‘Oteya’ and fans can expect nothing but good, quality music, professionalism and representation of Namibia on the World market.

“I want people to know that “Oteya’ has come to claim a spot on the Namibian entertainment industry and Africa as a whole. Talent alone is not enough to make it big in the music entertainment. I have learned that behind every successful artist is a group of people. Gal level was a success cause of the team of people behind us,” she says, thanking all her fans for the love and support.

The musical comeback of Oteya’s solo career is proof that, in pop, nothing is predictable. Oteya’s album is in the pipeline but in the meantime music lovers can expect singles from her.

Source : New Era